13 Jo Kata

Detailed instructions on how to perform the 13 jo kata, with a demonstration video from Sensei Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros.

How I Built my Tanren Uchi

Two or three months ago I built myself a tanren uchi. Afterwards I realised that I should have taken some pictures to illustrate how I did it so that I could write a brief “how to”, as I couldn’t find anything like this on the web when I looked before building mine.

Aikido Beginners: Hints & Tips

When we first start training aikido it can all seem a bit overwhelming. There’s a lot to take on board & our minds are a little overloaded. Hopefully, these hints & tips will help to clarify things by removing some of the ‘noise’ (excessive thoughts & superfluous movements) that can distract you.

Becoming a Living Katana

It is widely recognised that Aikido owes much of it’s development to kenjutsu – the art of the sword, but I like to think that we go further than simply using sword techniques. I like to think we become a living katana.