Feeling inspired!

What a wonderful and inspiring time we had at the Aikido Alive Bermondsey seminar a few weeks ago. Hoa Newens Sensei (7th Dan) was teaching the course. He covered a wide range of techniques from shiho nage, bokken suburi, and the 3rd kumi tachi on the Saturday, to multiple ushiro techniques, and the 6 count kata on the Sunday. His focus was always on using the whole body and maintaining good kokyu throughout. 

Some of us were even lucky enough to practise with Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros (6th Dan), who had joined us to train for the weekend. Sensei Newens commented on his own feelings of inspiration at seeing such high ranking teachers on the mat, who were still deeply focussed on their own learning journeys.

A big thanks to Gábor Zsolt Szabó for organising the day.

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