New Sandan awards

A huge congratulations to Dave Partington and Paul Weston for achieving their Sandan ranks from Tony Sargeant Sensei in 2020. John Garmston Sensei awarded their beautiful official Aikikai certificates last weekend.

NEW – Sensei Sargeant seminars in 2020

Exciting news! Sensei Sargeant (6th Dan) has arranged several day seminars over the course of 2020. Sensei teaches Aikido in all its aspects at the very highest level. If you haven’t seen him already, we strongly suggest you do! All levels welcome! Click here to download the flyer If you have any questions, please speak … Read more

Feeling inspired!

What a wonderful and inspiring time we had at the Aikido Alive Bermondsey seminar a few weeks ago. Hoa Newens Sensei (7th Dan) was teaching the course. He covered a wide range of techniques from shiho nage, bokken suburi, and the 3rd kumi tachi on the Saturday, to multiple ushiro techniques, and the 6 count … Read more

Becoming a Living Katana

It is widely recognised that Aikido owes much of it’s development to kenjutsu – the art of the sword, but I like to think that we go further than simply using sword techniques. I like to think we become a living katana.