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Classes are held at Palmer Park Sports Stadium in Reading. Go past the gate at reception, through the double doors next to the stairs, turn right and we’re at the end of the corridor. Or just ask for the aikido club.

We train in the dojo every Thursday at 8pm.

We train weapons outside at Palmer Park every Sunday from 9am until 10.30am.

All classes last an hour and a half. Beginners are welcome any time.

Our Thursday classes are £7. Or only £5 if you’re a student/unemployed.

Weapons classes on a Saturday and Sunday are £5.

Annual membership fees are £35, including insurance. You don’t have to pay this until after your beginners classes.5

"I can't remember who, but someone I trained with on a course told me there are two keys to learning aikido: one - start, two - don't stop."
1st Dan - Black belt