13 Jo Kata

Start Position: Stand in left Kamae, holding the Jo vertically in the left hand (at the top), with your thumb covering the end of the Jo.

1. Raise the bottom end of the Jo up backwards, so that it raises into your right hand. Then Tsuki Chudan moving slightly off line to the left.

2. Slide back & to the right into an upper block and then turn the Jo around in your right hand, and make Shomen Uchi, stepping forward with the right foot (all one count).

3. Slide back & to the left making an upper block (right foot forward).

4. Slide forward with Tsuki Chudan.

5. Move the right hand forward until it is 1/3 from the end. Step forward with the left and Tenkan on it, turning the Jo in a 1/2 figure 8 & finish with the Jo on you right shoulder.

6. Step forward with your right foot cutting Shomen Uchi.

7. Tenkan & bring the Jo to protect the left side of the head as if to block Yokomen Uchi.

8. Tsuki chudan forward (sliding forward).

9. Tsuki backward, aiming for the knee.

10. Step forward with the left foot protecting the right side of the head as if to block Yokomen Uchi.

11. Raise the Jo up parallel to the ground and Tsuki Jodan.

12. Let go with the right hand, turn the Jo over with your left hand, slide back taking the Jo with the right hand again and protect against a Tsuki to the knee.

13. Tsuki forward sliding the left foot forward and Kiai!

Note Reference is made to striking at body parts. These are of an imaginary attacker and therefore should be made to those parts on this imaginary attacker of the same size as Tori.