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Photos from 13th Anniversary Seminar

Video montage of the first lesson from our 12th Anniversary seminar.

Pictures from Kefalonia Uchi Deshi

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Aikido beginner's courses, workshops & gradings

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RZAC 'You Tube' Channel. Our selection of the best Iwama Aikido videos

Reading aikido club movie clip

JaseOnAikido an ongoing attempt to documenting some of what I've learnt

Super 6 Vouchers buy 5 classes get the 6th one FREE!

How to tie your belt (or obi) written instructions & a video clip

How to build a tanren uchi

Beginner's brief intro to Aikido

Sensei Matt Hill DVD great DVD explaining kokyu & suburi

Aikido Seminars

New! 10th June RZAC Anniversary seminar with Tony Sargeant Sensei seminar details

12th March Tony Sargeant Sensei in Cambridge download the flyer

20th & 21st May Tony Sargeant Sensei in Glasgow for Allander Aikido's 40th Anniversary. Details on the Allander Aikido FaceBook page.

5th August Tony Sargeant Sensei in Ringwood. Details on Sensei's Aikido Secrets website.

2nd & 3rd Decemeber Tony Sargeant Sensei & Paul McGlone Sensei in Bournemouth. Details on Sensei's Aikido Secrets website.

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Aikido is a non-competitive martial art involving a wide range of techniques that can be used to throw or immobilise an opponent. It helps to develop a greater understanding of harmony, balance & the dynamics of movement. Aikido is suitable for both men & women, as the principles rely on correct execution of the technique rather than brute strength.

Iwama Aikido

We teach traditional Aikido as taught to Saito Sensei by O'Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba - the founder of aikido. During his 23 year apprenticeship at Iwama, Saito Sensei learnt about the relationship between weapons & body movement.

Under the supervision of O'Sensei, Saito Sensei began organising the teachings of Aikido into a more structured format. This became known as Iwama Aikido. Aikido as the founder taught in Iwama.

In addition to the empty hand techniques found in other styles of aikido, Iwama Aikido places equal emphasis on the use of aiki weapons - aiki bokken (wooden sword) & aiki jo (wooden staff) - which are used to develop body movement, strong posture & a better understanding of timing & positioning.

for more about Iwama Aikido visit the Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe

Aikido Lessons

Our club nights are Tuesdays at 8.30pm & Thursdays at 8.00pm & we hold weapons classes on Saturdays mornings at 8:00am & Sunday mornings at 10:30am. We train at Palmer Park Leisure Centre, Reading. If you'd like to attend (to watch or to train) then please feel free to just come along or to contact us.

Aikido Classes for Beginners

Beginners are always welcome & we hold our Beginner's Introduction to Aikido courses throughout the year. These will give you a true taste of aikido & will also give you the chance to learn with other newcomers.

We also offer 4 Lesson Trials for those of you that would like to try aikido in a more flexible fashion.

Feel free to come along & watch a class for an idea of what to expect from an aikido class.


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Traditional Iwama Aikido